In the fields of standard song repertoire and popular music, sheet music has for many years included a vocal line with piano accompaniment (which sometimes includes the vocal line), and graphically-represented e-chords above the vocal line, for either guitar or ukulele.

Many online versions of songs with chords are represented with a symbol above a lyric line which come with chord dictionaries that we shall refer to find out how to play e-chords. In the Jazz and Popular idioms, freedom in chord voicings is encouraged and expected, and notation of e-chords in this area tends to be with textual chord symbols – Cma or Cmaj for C major, Gmi or Gmin for G minor, etc.

This leaves the player free to choose inversions and voicings of the e-chords appropriate to their interpretation and style, and the e-chords can also be used as the basis for the player to create solo and improvisational melody lines as developments of the song or piece.


Music sheet detail showing echords

Many e-chords found online tend to feature popular music and standard songs.

This method of e-chords notation has the advantage of not being instrument-specific; a guitarist, pianist, or any other chordal instrumentalist, as long as they know the chords on their own instrument, can read these charts with e-chords equally well as any other. Many e-chords found online tend to feature popular music and standard songs, and are typically presented with e-chord names above a lyric line, the duration of each e-chord in the ‘chord sequence’ being represented broadly by their position over a particular word or phrase in the lyric, rather than being given a note value – half note, quarter note – or duration expressed in parts of a bar – half bar, quarter bar, and so on.

Chordal ‘dictionaries’ tend to spell out the notes of e-chords in various inversions and flavours, and, as their name would suggest, are reference pages. One can find a lot of songs by artists in many different genres, allowing players of all levels to build their repertoire.

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