Many artists, whether new or established, can find writing a chordal structures for their particular piece an extremely strenuous process; this is often evident halfway through the writing, when a particularly difficult passage springs up.

Artists who are new to writing songs or pieces of music will find this to be even more true, and an aid for the musical writing process is often necessary. Like other forms of writing, having some form of help does not mean completely automating a process but, rather, making the creative output uninhibited. In terms of the vertical structure of a piece of music, or chords, E-chords can help immensely.

E-chords found online on many music sites will definitely help this creation process, by displaying the chordal structure or specific chords requested by an artist. Many artists make use of this aid in a variety of musical contexts and on different instruments. Artists which use e-chords include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, hip hop legends like Busta Rhymes and even legendary artists like Billy Joel on piano. E-chords will provide a visual aid to musical composition, what is often considered a difficult and time-consuming process to even the best artists.

E-Chords for Particular Instruments

Many artists find e-chords online extremely useful to compose a song.

Many artists find e-chords online extremely useful to compose a song.

Perhaps piano players are the ones who need e-chords the least, being the most versed in the multi-layered facets of musical theory and musical practice. However, some artists, like singers or players of instruments which are unable of creating harmonic lines (i.e. a flute, a saxophone, a trumpet), will find e-chords online extremely useful when needing to compose a song.

Visually looking at a series of chords can give more than a glimpse into what it takes to create a successful harmonic structure, particularly when examining old hits and recent successful songs by the most popular artists. In the main, e-chords are not instrument-specific regardless of which instrument artists play.

E-Chords among Professional Writers

As mentioned, many artists make use of visual aids for composing songs, and some have even used particular software to compose well known hits. The advantage of having an electronic library of chords online is that it is exhaustive and potentially unlimited, giving artists all the much needed tools to begin and finish a song.

Lastly, another great advantage of e-chords is the ability to often playback harmonic sequences. This naturally eliminates the need to read music and can greatly simplify the musical composition process for everyone.

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