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Many artists, whether new or established, can find writing a chordal structures for their particular piece an extremely strenuous process; this is often evident halfway through the writing, when a particularly difficult passage springs up. » Read more..

Ukulele Chords

In the popular music and standard song field, sheet music for many years included a vocal line, piano accompaniment (sometimes mirroring the melody), and graphically-represented ukulele chords above the vocal line. These were often shown with a box graphic, four vertical lines representing the strings of the ukelele, and five or six horizontal lines representing the frets on the fingerboard.

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In the fields of standard song repertoire and popular music, sheet music has for many years included a vocal line with piano accompaniment (which sometimes includes the vocal line), and graphically-represented e-chords above the vocal line, for either guitar or ukulele.

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Guitar Chords

In the popular music field, many guitarists have moved away from using standard musical notation to represent their own and other songs. Rather than notating individual notes of the guitar chords, and the exact manner in which they will be played, the structure of a song is notated in terms of its ‘chord sequence’, with each movement of the harmony (each ‘chord’) named, and shown with a broad indication of its duration within the song, such as one bar, a half bar, quarter bar, etc.

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